Full Service

Full Service

from 11.35

30 Point service and Inspection:

  1. Check for any body damage

  2. Check All Lights & Horn Function Properly

  3. Check Washers & Wipers

  4. Drain Replace Oil *

  5. Fit New Engine Oil Filter

  6. Fit New Fuel Filter as required by manufacturer recommended service intervals ***

  7. Visually Check Brake Pipes, Connections and Lines

  8. Check Brake Pads/Shoes And Discs/Drums

  9. Check Exhaust System

  10. Check and Set Tyre’s to Correct Pressures

  11. Report On Tyre Tread Depths

  12. Check For Leaks On Cooling System

  13. Check and Top up fluid Levels

  14. Check All Belts (Except Cam Belt)

  15. Check Wheel Bearings

  16. Check Drive Shaft Boots and C.V. Joints

  17. Check Suspension Arms, Ball Joints, Bushes & Links

  18. Road Test Vehicle Checking

  19. Brakes Function Properly

  20. Suspension System

  21. Steering Play & Alignment

  22. Engine Performance

  23. Abnormal Noises

  24. Gearbox

  25. Advise on cambelt change date

  26. Change spark plugs as required by manufacturer recommended service intervals**

  27. Fit new air filter

  28. Check PCV system (Positive Crankcase Ventilation)

  29. Check Battery Condition

  30. Heating & Air Conditioning

* Any Special oils that may be required for your vehicle are subject to an extra charge.
** Premium spark plugs replaced at additional cost.
*** Premium fuel filters replaced at additional cost.

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